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Friday, October 26, 2012

Fire Chief's Briefing for September 30 through October 5, 2012

Here is a summary of Brentwood Fire and Rescue’s emergency responses for the period of September 30 through October 5, 2012.

We responded to 43 emergency calls for service.

These calls can be broken down into the following categories:

Fire: 1

EMS/Rescue: 28

Service Call: 3

Good Intent: 1

False Call: 10

Sunday, September 30 at approximately 10:29 pm: 

E1 was dispatched on a report of one unresponsive PT. Upon arrival, crew members found the PT unresponsive but breathing with a strong pulse. Bystanders reported that the PT was a diabetic and had missed their last meal. E1’s paramedic performed a rapid assessment and determined that the PT was hypoglycemic. An IV was established and a 50% dextrose solution was administered. The PT regained consciousness and was able to refuse further treatment. With no other hazards present, E1 cleared the scene.

Monday, October 1 at approximately 8:06 am: 

E4 and R1 were dispatched on a report of a single vehicle off the roadway. Upon arrival, crew members found 3 PT’s who had been assisted out of a vehicle that had left the roadway and was at the bottom of an embankment. E4’s officer quickly triaged the PT’s and determined that one was critical and two were non-critical. Additional Fire and EMS units were requested to the scene. E4 performed a rapid trauma assessment on the critical PT and determined that they had injuries to their shoulder and flank. The PT was immobilized on a long spine board and prepared for transport. EMS arrived on scene and PT care was transferred. The PT was transported emergency traffic to an area hospital. While this was going on, R1 and Brush 1 arrived on scene and began treating the other two patients. While their injuries were non-critical, due to the severity of the wreck they were immobilized on long spine boards as well before being transported non-emergency to an area hospital.

Thursday, October 4 at approximately 12:08 pm:

E4 was dispatched on a report of an unresponsive person. Upon arrival, EMS and E4 crews found on PT pulse less, apneic and unresponsive with bystanders performing CPR. CPR was taken over by emergency crews, a rapid assessment was performed, baseline vitals were obtained and resuscitation drug protocols were initiated. Defibrillation was performed and the PT regained a pulse, but ventilations via bag-valve-mask were still required as the PT did not immediately regain spontaneous respirations. While resuscitation efforts were underway, E2 and R1 were requested to the scene due to the home being under construction and there being no ready way to remove the PT to the ambulance. Once the PT was removed from the home, they were transported emergency traffic to an area hospital with one Firefighter/Paramedic on board to assist with further treatment while enroute.

Friday, October 5 at approximately 8:28 pm:

All BFR units were dispatched on a report of a structure fire. C3 arrived first on scene and reported fire visible from a ground floor window. Incident Command was established and contact was made with the homeowner, who stated that everyone was out of the home. E1 and L1 arrived next on scene and were instructed to stretch a hose line and make entry to extinguish the fire. Other fire units began to arrive on scene and performed other functions such as establishing water supply, turning off the utilities and taking additional hose lines into the structure to help extinguish the fire. Mutual aid was requested from Franklin Fire Department, who sent two trucks and a Battalion Chief. The fire had spread to the attic of the home, but crew members were able to mount an aggressive interior attack and quickly knock down and extinguish the fire. The home was ventilated, and the fire was soon fully extinguished. The home was overhauled to check for further extension, but none was found. With no other hazards found, units began to be released from the scene to return to quarters.