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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mike McCutcheon, 2013 Brentwood Fire and Rescue Firefighter of the Year

Firefighter of the Year

Engineer Mike McCutcheon

Engineer Mike McCutcheon has been selected as Brentwood Fire and Rescue Department’s 2013 Firefighter of the Year.

Engineer McCutcheon has been instrumental in fire department operations over the past year. As the EMS coordinator, he has dedicated himself to ensure smooth operations for what is over 50% of BFR’s call volume (EMS calls). He personally conducts quality assurance for every medical call this department responds to and oversees that each member maintains the required training and certification to allow for the department staff to be qualified in EMS operations. Mike has also been instrumental in conducting community CPR and CPR qualifications for other departments within the city. He presented a trauma class to the  Brentwood Police department and served as an instructor for the Williamson County 64 hour Firefighter Class held at the Safety Center East. Mike worked with Williamson County EMS and Ravenwood High School to establish a First Responder class for the high school students. Engineer McCutcheon received numerous compliments from other employees outside the fire department for his professionalism and knowledge while teaching these classes.

Not only is Mike an exceptional instructor, manager and leader: he also has excelled as a student in the fire service. He has worked to further his career by countless hours of study. He obtained ALCS instructor, Fire Service Instructor I, and completed the IPMBA Bike Course. He has become a role model for younger firefighters and assisted several with transitioning from EMT to Paramedic.

Mike is a very dedicated, motivated and dependable employee. He maintains a positive attitude, professional bearing, and strong work ethic.  His accomplishments demonstrate a high level of achievement and he epitomizes the desired behavior of a Brentwood Firefighter.