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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fire Chief's Briefing for March 19 through March 24, 2013

Here is a summary of Brentwood Fire and Rescue’s emergency responses for the period of March 19 through March 24, 2013.

We responded to 38 emergency calls for service.

These calls can be broken down into the following categories:
Fire: 1
EMS/Rescue: 23
Hazardous Condition: 1
Service Call: 4
Good Intent: 2
False Call: 7

Here is an overview of significant events from this period’s activities:

Tuesday, March 19 at approximately 1:33 pm:
E1 was dispatched on a report of a possible diabetic emergency. Upon arrival crew members found the PT seated in their car awake but unresponsive. Bystanders reported that the PT had left to go to lunch but had not returned. They found the PT and called 911 due to the PT being a known diabetic. E1’s paramedic assessed the PT and directed crew members to obtain vital signs, which revealed low blood glucose levels. An IV was established and D50 was administered. This raised the PT’s blood glucose and brought them back to consciousness. Once the PT became alert and oriented, they were able to refuse transport to the hospital. With no further hazards, E1 instructed the PT to eat a substantial meal before clearing the scene and returning to quarters.

Wednesday, March 20 at approximately 7:54 am:
E4 was dispatched on a report of uncontrolled bleeding. Upon arrival crew members found the PT lying on the floor alert, awake and oriented but with uncontrolled bleeding from the site of surgery performed the previous day. The site was packed with absorbent pads to control the bleeding before the PT was loaded into an ambulance for non-emergency transport to an area hospital.

Wednesday, March 20 at approximately 9:29 pm:
E1 and R1 were dispatched on a report of a vehicle off the roadway with entrapment. Upon arrival crew members found one vehicle that had travelled approximately 40 yards off the road before striking a tree on the driver’s door. The PT denied any significant injuries but was not able to climb out of the vehicle. R1’s crew began removing small trees and limbs from the area of the vehicle to facilitate removing the driver. Crew members were preparing to remove the roof from the vehicle when the driver determined that they could self-extricate. Once the driver was safely out of the vehicle, a more thorough examination confirmed no serious injury. The PT refused further treatment and all units cleared the scene.

Thursday, March 21 at approximately 12:18 pm:
All BFR units were dispatched on a reported Residential Structure Fire. E4 was in the area and arrived on scene while other units were still being dispatched. E4’s officer quickly determined that the fire was confined to a small portion of a mulch bed and that the home was not in danger. All other responding units were cancelled while E4’s firefighter extinguished the mulch with a pressurized water can.

Thursday, March 21 at approximately 5:00 pm:
E2 was dispatched on a Public Assistance call to assist an elderly homeowner on home oxygen. A power outage had occurred in the area which was prohibiting the resident from being able to access their spare oxygen cylinders. Crew members retrieved another cylinder and waited with the homeowner until family members arrived to provide further assistance.

Sunday, March 24 at approximately 12:29 pm:
E2 was dispatched on a report of a child locked in a vehicle. Upon arrival crew members were able to utilize their lockout kit to open a door on the vehicle without damage. The child was uninjured and turned over to their parents. With no further hazards found, E2 cleared the scene and returned to quarters.