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Monday, January 28, 2013

Station Life

Brentwood Fire and Rescue will be featuring a new addition to this website in the form of "Station Life" photos. This series of photos, which may range anywhere from a picture of an apparatus or equipment to firefighters working in the station, will give readers a glimpse into the daily life of a firefighter here at Brentwood Fire and Rescue.


Today’s entry features two firefighters at Station 1 on C-Shift preparing the kitchen floor to lay new tile. Station 1 has recently undergone a great deal of remodeling and updating with a good portion of the work being performed by on-duty personnel. Firefighters are often "jacks of all trades", knowing a little something about many things, and must be able to utilize all of their experience and resources to solve problems.  In this case, some members knew a little bit about construction (and de-construction) and the rest of the crew followed their lead.  Firefighters do a lot more than fight fires and respond to medical calls.  While on duty, they may be called upon to teach a class, perform construction work, participate in fundraisers, or just be a friendly face to a group of children taking a station tour.  Whatever the task at hand may be, whether in the station or when the alarm goes off, our focus is always about helping the citizens of Brentwood.  Hopefully with this new photo series we will help you get to know our people and daily activities a little bit better.

The completed Station 1 Kitchen