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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fire Hydrants in the City of Brentwood Will No Longer Have "the Blues"



From:             Fire Chief Brian Goss                        
Date:              March 28, 2012
Subject:          Press Release:  City Fire Hydrant Information


Did you ever see a blue reflector stuck in the middle of the street and wonder what it was doing there?  Traditionally, Brentwood firefighters have utilized these markers to aid them in locating the nearest fire hydrant when responding to an emergency.  New technology, however, has begun rendering these once-helpful items obsolete.  The City of Brentwood now utilizes GPS technology to report and document the specific location of every fire hydrant within the city limits.  This information is then used by our GIS Department to create both hard-copy map books and electronic maps which are accessible from the laptops in all fire apparatus.  This enables the responding fire officer to pinpoint the location of the nearest hydrant before the Engine ever arrives on the scene.  Besides being more efficient, this new technology is also more reliable since the blue reflective markers were frequently displaced due to repaving, wear and tear from routine traffic, and even snowplowing.

The blue hydrant markers in existence now will not be removed.  The fire & rescue department will simply cease placing any new reflectors and allow those already in place to remain.

On a related note, residents are reminded that all municipal fire hydrants within the City of Brentwood exist in the public right-of-way.  Per Municipal Code no trees, shrubs, landscaping, or other potential obstruction may be placed or exist within 36 inches of the hydrant.  While a fire hydrant may not be the most beautiful lawn ornament, it can literally be a life saver if you or your neighbors have an emergency.  Please give your firefighters a hand by making sure your hydrant is easily seen and clear of obstructions!  If you see a fire hydrant that you are concerned about for any reason, please call 615-371-0170.