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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fire Chief's Briefing for March 16 through March 21, 2012

Here is a summary of Brentwood Fire and Rescue’s emergency responses for the period of March 16 through March 21, 2012.

We responded to 43 emergency calls for service.

These calls can be broken down into the following categories:
EMS/Rescue: 24
Hazardous Condition: 4
Service Call: 3
Good Intent: 5
False Call: 7

Here is an overview of significant events from this period’s emergency activities:

Friday, March 16 at approximately 7:51 pm:
E4 was dispatched on a report of injuries from a fall. Upon arrival E4 found 1 PT seated on a couch holding an ice pack to an abraded and swollen area on their face. Crew members were able to determine from bystanders that the PT had fallen down the front stairs of the home. Manual Cervical Spine Immobilization was performed and crew members began to assess the PT and obtain vital signs. This was interrupted by an increasing level of agitation and anxiety in the PT. Crew members reassured the PT that everything would be ok and continued their assessment. EMS arrived on scene and PT care was transferred. The PT was immobilized on a long spine board and transferred to the ambulance for transport.  The PT was transported non-emergency to an area hospital.

Sunday, March 18 at approximately 1:59 pm:
E3, E2, and C3 were dispatched on a report of an inside investigation due to a possible gas leak.  Upon arriving on scene, E3 established Incident Command and began investigating the structure.  After entering the building, crew members did not notice any odor of mercaptin (the chemical added to natural gas to give it a rotten egg smell).  E2 arrived on scene and stood by at the rear of the structure.  C3 was staged in the center of the city.  E3’s engineer (driver) investigated the water heater but found no signs of a leak.  E3’s firefighter surveyed the area with a gas monitor but found no change in the air quality.  The building’s occupants were advised to contact their gas company for a more thorough investigation of a possible leak.  Command was terminated; all units were placed available and cleared the scene. 

Tuesday, March 20 at approximately 6:13 am:
E4 was dispatched on a report of an unresponsive individual. Upon arrival E4 found the PT supine in their bed. Family members reported that the PT had an extensive medical history and that they found them in this condition when the family awoke for the day. The PT was unresponsive to any stimuli but was found to have good respiration and a weak pulse. Crew members immediately began supportive care to include providing O2 therapy and further assessment of the PT. EMS arrived on scene and PT care was transferred. E4 assisted with loading the PT into the ambulance for emergency transport to an area hospital. With no further assistance needed at the scene, E4 returned to quarters.

Tuesday, March 20 at approximately 5:19 pm:
E1 was dispatched for a report of 1 PT having seizures. Upon arrival crew members found 1 PT on the ground. The PT was able to give their name, but was not coherent to what was going on. Bystanders stated that they witnessed the PT begin to seize and lowered them to the ground where the seizures continued for several minutes. Crew members began a rapid assessment of the PT as well as collecting vital signs. Nothing out of the ordinary was reported. The PT began to regain coherence, but was still uncertain as to the events preceding E1’s arrival at the scene. The PT did not wish to be transported to the hospital, but was not allowed to drive from the scene. After EMS and E1 crew members explained the risks of not seeking medical care to the PT, a family member arrived to take them home after the PT signed a refusal of care form. E1 and EMS cleared the scene and returned to quarters.