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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fire Chief's Briefing for September 14 Through September 19, 2011

Here is a summary of Brentwood Fire and Rescue’s emergency responses for the period of September 14 through September 19, 2011.

We responded to 48 emergency calls for service.

These calls can be broken down into the following categories:

Fire: 2
EMS/Rescue: 27
Service Call: 4
Good Intent: 7
False Call: 7
Severe Weather: 1

Here is an overview of significant events from this period’s activities:

Wednesday, September 14 at approximately 2:02 pm:

R1 was dispatched from water rescue training at the YMCA on a report of a child locked in a vehicle. Upon arrival, R1 utilized the lock out kit to unlock the vehicle and free the child. The child was unharmed.  R1 returned to previous assignment.

Wednesday, September 14 at approximately 10:17 pm:

All Brentwood Fire and Rescue units were dispatched for a reported Structure Fire at a home struck by lightning.  E2 and R1 were the first units on scene and upon arrival reported that no fire or smoke was visible, but that the house had no power.  E2 established Incident Command and performed a walk around of the structure which revealed no sign of damage from lightning.  All occupants had evacuated the home. E4 arrived on scene and assisted E2 and R1 with searching the home for possible fire. No hazards were found. All other responding units were cancelled.  Upon further investigation E2's crew found that the main electrical panel was tripped and the breaker was heat-welded in the off position.  A secondary search focusing on the crawl space and attic showed no hazards. The house was turned over to the homeowner who was instructed to follow up with an electrician.

Thursday, September 15 at approximately 2:39 pm:

E3 was dispatched on an outside investigation for a report of smoke. Upon arriving in the area, E3’s officer noticed some light smoke coming from the D side (right side) roof of an area restaurant. Closer inspection revealed ashes coming from the roof. An accumulation of smoldering leaves and pine needles were found in a valley near the chimney. E3 radioed for a second engine and established command. E3 utilized a 24' ladder, one scoop shovel, one pressurized water extinguisher and the TIC. The debris was extinguished and removed from the roof. The TIC was used to check for unusual heat patterns on the interior but none were found. The most probable cause of the fire was from a burning ember exiting the chimney and igniting the debris. There was minimal heat damage to the shingles.

While on the roof, crews discovered some decorative Christmas style lights which had a burned though an electrical conductor. The power was being supplied by a CGIF located near the HVAC units. E3's crew disconnected the cords and advised the management.

Thursday, September 15 at approximately 9:50 pm:

E2 was dispatched on a medical call for a report of an unresponsive PT. Upon arrival, E2 and EMS found the patient unresponsive, pulseless and not breathing. CPR and advanced life support skills were initiated; the PT was loaded into the ambulance and transported to an area hospital.

Friday, September 16 at approximately 5:34 pm:

E1 was dispatched on a report of a vehicle fire. Upon arrival E1 found light smoke showing from the passenger compartment. The occupant of the vehicle was standing outside with a Good Samaritan who was using an extinguisher to extinguish the main body of the fire. The occupant stated that there were "flames rolling under the seat" prior to using the extinguisher. The driver also stated that while driving down the road, they noticed smoke coming up from between their legs. E1 noted that there was still some smoldering activity under the driver’s seat and appeared to be electrical in nature. The decision was made to remove the seat in order to gain access and reduce any further damage to the vehicle. E1 cut the negative battery cable to eliminate any electrical hazard that may be associated with their actions. After removing the seat, E1 found burnt electrical wires and a computer board with moderate damage. There was also smoldering debris found in the bottom of the seat cushion. E1 extinguished the underside of the seat and used the thermal imaging camera to check for fire extension. The carpet under the driver’s seat was burnt and presented with an alarming heat signature so the decision was made to remove that section of carpet. Once the carpet was removed, E1 sprayed it down and ensured the fire was out. No other hazards were present. E1 checked available leaving the scene and returned to quarters.

Sunday, September 18 at approximately 12:23 pm:

E4 was dispatched on a medical call for 1 PT unresponsive after a fall. Upon arrival E4 found bystanders performing CPR. After assessing the PT, E4 and EMS resumed CPR. Advanced Life Support was initiated and the PT was loaded into the ambulance for transport to an area hospital with one firefighter on board to assist with continued pt care.