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Friday, September 2, 2011

A 25th Anniversary Video Tribute to Brentwood Fire and Rescue

What was once known as the Brentwood Fire Department began at midnight on September 1, 1986, when the city of Brentwood assumed full fire protection responsibility from a privately owned subscription-based service that had required citizens to pay an annual fee to receive fire protection. Arizona native Dean Filer, the city's first fire chief, essentially created the municipal fire department from scratch, without the benefit of any preexisting trucks, equipment, or personnel.

As the city of Brentwood grew, so did the fire department. One station and 26 employees expanded into a 62-member organization serving a population of more than 37,000 from four strategically located fire stations. Emergency responses totaling 665 calls in 1987 increased to 2,473 in 2009. And two fire engines and a tanker truck evolved into four advanced-life-support engine companies, a 100-foot aerial ladder truck, a medium rescue truck, and various support vehicles.

The department has become a recognized, statewide leader in the development and delivery of professional and innovative emergency and life-safety services.