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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Weblog Press Release

From: Asst. Chief Brian Goss
Date: June 8, 2011
Subject: Press Release: Fire-Rescue Weblog


Citizens of Brentwood are now able to be briefed by the Fire Chief on recent incidents.

Have you ever wondered what happened at the scene of a house fire or medical call? Have you ever wanted to know what all the commotion was about yesterday or last week when you saw fire units screaming by with lights and sirens?

Now is your chance to get briefed directly from the Fire Chief. The Brentwood Fire and Rescue Department has introduced an opportunity for local residents to be informed on a weekly basis about recent incidents, training events, and general department news.

Now you can feel like you’re in the inner circle of the fire department without working the long hours.

Simply visit to view photos, videos, or to sign up for briefings to be automatically sent to your email account.

The Fire Chief’s Briefing is a free service to help our citizens become better informed about what their fire & rescue department is up to on a day to day basis.

For further information about Brentwood Fire and Rescue or for valuable fire safety tips, visit or any of your local fire stations.