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Monday, June 13, 2011

Fire Chief's Briefing for June 7 through June 12, 2011

Fire Chief’s Briefing for June 7 through June 12, 2011

Here is a summary of Brentwood Fire and Rescue’s emergency responses for the period of June 7 through June 12, 2011.

We responded to 48 emergency calls for service.

These calls can be broken down into the following categories:
Fire: 1
EMS/Rescue: 28
Hazardous Condition: 2
Service Call: 2
Good Intent: 5
False Call: 10

Here are some highlights from this period’s emergency activities:
Tuesday, June 7 at approximately 3:59 pm
E2 was initially dispatched to a medical call for a person overheated on a roof. E2’s officer also instructed R1 to respond. C3 self dispatched and called for E4 to respond. Upon arrival, E2 surveyed the scene and found 6 men on the roof of a two story home where they had been replacing shingles. One worker on the ground stated that two of the men were experiencing leg cramps and heat exhaustion and were not able to stand. C3 and E4 arrived on scene and C3 established command. E2’s officer briefed command on the situation while E2 and E4’s crews used ladders to access the PTS.
When it was determined that the PTS were unable to get themselves off the roof, but were not in critical condition, L1 was requested to respond to the scene so that it could use its elevated bucket to remove the PTS. While waiting for L1, one PT decided he could stand and E4’s crew assisted him in climbing down their ladder. That PT later refused transport to the hospital.
Ultimately it was decided to use the roofing contractor’s ladder hoist (used to raise squares of shingles to the roof) in conjunction with FD ladders to bring the patient off the roof in a Stokes Basket. A lowering system was put in place over the back of the house and attached to the basket. With the aid of two firefighters on ladders on either side of the ladder hoist, the PT was successfully lowered from the roof to the ground and transported to the hospital by EMS.

Wednesday, June 8 at approximately 4:56 am
E4 was dispatched for 1 PT, possibly having a stroke. E4 arrived on scene and began PT care. 1 PT was transported to an area hospital by EMS with a Fire Fighter on board to assist with continued care.

Wednesday, June 8 at approximately 11:11 pm
E4 responded to a request for fire department assistance. The homeowner stated that their smoke detectors had sounded briefly a few times recently, but they were unsure why and wanted E4 to check things out.  E4 investigated and found a faulty detector in the garage which they then removed from service as requested by the homeowner. The family stated that they would purchase another detector to replace the faulty one.

Thursday, June 9 at approximately 7:10 am
E4 was dispatched for a personal injury accident involving a motorcycle. E4 arrived to find 1 PT thrown approximately 10 feet from their motorcycle. E4 personnel assisted in packaging and loading the pt for transport. The PT was transported to an area hospital by EMS.

Thursday, June 9 at approximately 2:56 pm
E2 responded to a reported vehicle fire with injuries. Upon arrival E2 found a van fully involved. E2 began extinguishing the rear compartment of the van, moving in a clockwise pattern towards the engine compartment. A small pike pole was used to begin removing smoldering piles of clothing from the back of the van. Once the clothing was removed, E2 continued to put out hot spots in the rear of the vehicle and forced open the hood area to gain better access to the engine compartment. Once access was achieved E2 finished extinguishing the vehicle.
While E2’s crew was extinguishing the vehicle, E2’s paramedic was providing care to the driver of the vehicle, who had suffered burn injuries while getting out of the vehicle.  EMS arrived on scene, PT care was transferred, and EMS transported the PT to an area hospital.