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Friday, February 21, 2014


If you live in or around Brentwood, you have inevitably seen a big red tool box of a fire truck with an R1 on the rear panel driving around town. Rescue 1, or R1 for short, resides at Station 2 on Wilson Pike and people often ask what this truck is used for. Rescue 1 is a “jack of all trades” truck. It carries a wide variety of equipment ready to be employed in a wide variety of emergencies. This truck is manned by either one or two firefighters from Station 2 depending on the day’s staffing levels. The rescue truck responds to any car accident in the city in the event of a trapped patient that needs to be extricated. This apparatus will also be dispatched on any emergency involving the need for additional manpower, rope rescue, confined space rescue, additional fire equipment or any other event that the shift commander deems necessary.

The Rescue has an SCBA compartment that contains two SCBA’s along with 8 spare bottles to be used at a large scale fire event. Each air bottle contains 4500 psi of compressed air.