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Monday, December 2, 2013

Fire Chief's Briefing for November 26 through December 1, 2013

Here is a summary of Brentwood Fire and Rescue’s emergency responses for the period of November 26 through December 1, 2013.

We responded to 43 emergency calls for service.

These calls can be broken down into the following categories:

Fire: 2

EMS/Rescue: 23

Hazardous Condition: 2

Service Call: 1

Good Intent: 4

False Call: 11

Here is an overview of significant events from this period’s activities:

Thursday, November 28 at approximately 6:54:

E1 and R1 were dispatched on a report of a motor vehicle accident with injuries.  While enroute dispatch advised that the driver may be trapped in the vehicle.  E1 arrived on scene and found 1 vehicle off the roadway with confirmed entrapment.  E1 established command and requested E3 to respond for more manpower.  EMS arrived prior to E1 and initiated patient care inside the vehicle.  Crew members used pre-connected extrication tools from E1 and began removing the door from the vehicle.  C3 arrived on scene, assumed command and checked the status of Vanderbilt Life Flight at the request of EMS.  R1 assisted with the extrication process by using a hydraulic ram to move the dashboard of the car off of the patient while E3 prepared spinal immobilization equipment for the patient.  The patient was removed from the vehicle and then transported emergency traffic to a local hospital.  A R1 crew member rode with EMS to the hospital to assist with patient care during transport.  Life Flight’s response was cancelled due to the rapid extrication of the patient from the vehicle by BFR personnel.  Once all hazards had been addressed command was terminated and all BFR units returned to service.

Thursday, November 28 at approximately 8:50 am:

C3, E3, and E3 were dispatched on an inside investigation at a residential structure.  E3 arrived on scene and found a 2 story residential occupancy with nothing showing.  The homeowner indicated that the lights were flickering and a “popping” sound was heard in the walls.  Crew members used a thermal imaging camera to check the inside of the structure for any possible fire.  No hazards were found and E3 cancelled all other responding units.  BFR personnel inspected the breaker panel and advised the homeowner to have an electrician examine the wiring.  Before leaving the scene E3 assisted the homeowner with proper placement and installation of new smoke detectors in the residence.  Once all the detectors were operational, E3 returned to service.

Sunday, November 30 at approximately 9:01 pm:

E1 was dispatched on a medical call for a report of an unresponsive patient.  E1 arrived on scene and found one patient not breathing and pulseless.  BFR personnel immediately began providing CPR and advanced life support.  E1 personnel quickly established IO access and provided cardiac defibrillation when appropriate.  EMS arrived on scene and patient care was transferred.  BFR personnel assisted EMS with moving the patient to the ambulance while simultaneously providing CPR.  EMS transported the patient emergency traffic to a local hospital with one E1 crew member aboard to assist with patient care enroute.  Once the patient had been transported E1 returned to service.