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Friday, May 10, 2013

Station Life: Training With Engine 11

Brentwood Fire and Rescue recently purchased a new fire apparatus. This unit will be designated as Engine 11 and kept at Fire Station 2 on Wilson Pike. Engine 11 is a special purpose apparatus known as a mini-pumper. A mini-pumper is a scaled down version of a traditional fire engine that allows it go many places that a full sized fire engine can’t make it. Engine 11 was designed with parking garages, limited access driveways and inclement weather in mind. A more in depth entry about Brentwood Fire and Rescue’s newest workhorse is in the works, but for today enjoy this pictorial about a recent training/familiarization exercise that is being conducted with all personnel.

The Factory Representative walks everyone around the truck and explains the features that set this truck apart from the rest of the fleet.
Hands on time with the new rig begins with stretching a hoseline to allow department engineers to flow water and learn the nuances of the new mini pumper.
Everyone gets a turn to put the truck through its paces and ask questions of the dealer.
The crew member on the line here is demonstrating the special foam system this truck incorporates.
Firefighting foam has many applications, and Engine 11 excels at making the most of its smaller water tank by creating highly expansive foam.
Stay tuned for more information regarding Brentwood Fire and Rescue Engine 11!