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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fire Chief's Briefing for July 8 through July 13, 2012

Here is a summary of Brentwood Fire and Rescue’s emergency responses for the period of July 8 through July 13, 2012.

We responded to 56 emergency calls for service.

These calls can be broken down into the following categories:

Fire: 1

EMS/Rescue: 27

Hazardous Condition: 11

Service Call: 5

Good Intent: 1

False Call: 10

Severe Weather: 1

Here is an overview of significant events from this period’s activities:

Sunday, July 8 at approximately 10:56 pm:

All BFR units were dispatched on a report of a possible structure fire due to a lightning strike. Additional dispatch information included a report from the homeowner of smoke in the structure. E2, R1, and C2 arrived on scene and reported no visible signs of fire from the outside. Crew members entered the home to investigate and found only a slight haze of smoke on the second floor. While investigating the attic, E2 reported that the roof had been struck by lighting and that a small hole with some charring was visible, but there were no other signs of fire. All units not on the scene yet were cancelled. The homeowner was advised to leave the power off until an electrician inspected the home.  A bucket was placed in the attic to catch the rain that was dripping through the hole. With no other hazards found, all units were released from the scene and returned to quarters.

Monday, July 9 at approximately 9:52 am:

All BFR units were dispatched on a report of a structure fire. While enroute, dispatch advised that the alarm could have been activated due to an issue with the homeowner’s water heater. Due to this information, Car 3 staged half of the structural response to mitigate the risk of running emergency traffic. Engine 4 arrived on scene and reported a two story home with nothing showing and all persons out of the home. Crew members entered the home and found a ruptured hot water line, which had released steam that activated the smoke detectors. All other responding units were cancelled and returned to quarters. E4 secured the hot water line and advised the home owner to replace the line before turning the water back on. No other hazards were found, command was terminated and Engine 4 returned to service.

Tuesday, July 10 at approximately 11:49 am:

All BFR units were dispatched on a report of a structure fire due to an oven fire. Upon arrival, E4 found all occupants out of the structure. Crew members investigated the home and found that the heating element in the oven had shorted out and that there was no fire. All other responding units were cancelled. With no further hazards found, the homeowner was advised to contact an appliance repair technician. E4 cleared the scene and returned to quarters.

Wednesday, July 11 at approximately 3:39 pm:

E1 was dispatched on a report of dogs locked in vehicle.  Crew members arrived to find BPD on scene with three dogs locked in a non-running vehicle, apparently abandoned.  E1 utilized their lockout kit to gain access to the vehicle.  All three dogs were extremely overheated, with one unable to stand. Crew members attempted to cool the dogs by moving them to a shaded area and providing water.  This did not appear to be enough, so E1’s officer made the decision to transport the animals to an area veterinarian for further care.  Once the animals had been provided with definitive medical care, crew members cleared the scene and returned to quarters.

Friday, July 13 at approximately 12:03 pm:

E1 responded to a report of a small microwave fire that had been extinguished. Upon arrival, crew members met with the property manager, who stated that he would like for FD personnel to ensure that there were no hazards and to remove the smoke from the break room. The manager removed the microwave from the building while E1 ventilated the room. Once it was determined that no hazards were present Engine 1 cleared the scene and returned to quarters.

Friday, July 13 at approximately 12:43 pm:

E1 was dispatched on a medical call for a report of injuries from a fall. Upon arrival, crew members found PT seated on the ground being cared for by family members. The family members reported that the PT had slipped on the stairs and struck their head on the ground. The PT was awake but was not properly oriented to what was going on around him, and bystanders stated that the PT had gone into convulsions following the fall. A rapid trauma exam was performed, and other than superficial bleeding, no obvious injuries were found. Crew members began packaging the PT for transport. Upon arrival of EMS, PT care was transferred and the PT was loaded into the ambulance for emergency transport to an area hospital.

Also during this week:

BFR crews responded to numerous calls related to the severe weather Brentwood experienced. Among these incidents were 6 separate calls for service related to downed utility lines. Crew members also worked to remove storm debris from roadways to keep them open.