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Monday, July 23, 2012

Fire Chief's Briefing for July 14 through July 19, 2012

Here is a summary of Brentwood Fire and Rescue’s emergency responses for the period of July 14 through July 19, 2012.

We responded to 38 emergency calls for service.

These calls can be broken down into the following categories:

Fire: 1

EMS/Rescue: 20

Hazardous Condition: 2

Service Call: 1

Good Intent: 6

False Call: 8

Here is an overview of significant events from this period’s activities:

Monday, July 16 at approximately 6:33 pm:

All BFR units were dispatched on a reported Commercial Structure Fire. C3, E1 and L1 were the first units to arrive on scene and reported nothing showing from the exterior of building. Upon making entry to the building, no alarms were sounding and no hazards were present. All other responding units were directed to stage. Crew members conducted a search of the 3rd floor, where a light haze was found, coupled with an odor consistent with an overheated electrical motor. The entire area was investigated for sign of hazards and nothing obvious was found. All other BFR units were cancelled. Building maintenance personnel arrived on scene and conducted a detailed investigation of the building’s electrical system. It was determined an electrical motor had burned up. With no other hazards present and no signs of fire, command was terminated and all remaining units returned to quarters.

Wednesday, July 18 at approximately 8:31 pm:

E3, R1 and E2 were dispatched on a report of a "T-Bone" type personal injury accident with entrapment.  E3 arrived first on scene and found two vehicles with a side impact collision, with one vehicle having struck the other in the front passenger door. E3 established Incident Command and reported that there was one PT trapped in the front passenger seat of the vehicle that had been struck. R1 and E2 arrived on scene and were instructed to begin preparing to extricate the PT.
The firefighter paramedics from both E2 and E3 as well as a paramedic from EMS initiated treatment of the PT, to include assessment of possible injuries and protection from the ensuing extrication. Other BFR personnel removed window glass from the vehicle before utilizing hydraulic spreaders to displace the passenger door and remove it completely, which granted access to the passenger cabin of the vehicle.
The PT was placed on a long spine board, removed from the vehicle, and prepared for emergency transport to an area hospital. There were no other PT’s associated with this call. Once all hazards were removed from the roadway, all units were placed available and returned to quarters.


Wednesday, July 18 at approximately 9:56 pm:

E1 was dispatched on a report of 1 vehicle, possibly on fire, with an ambiguous caller description of its location.  BFR with assistance from BPD was able to determine the incident’s location. Upon arrival, crew members found one vehicle on the shoulder of the interstate with smoke developing in the interior of the passenger cabin. E1 deployed a 1 3/4 inch hoseline from the rear of the apparatus and proceeded to open the driver’s door and spray water into the compartment. Smoke began to dissipate from the interior and it was determined that it was originating from the back seat of the vehicle. E1 could not gain access to the driver’s side rear door because the lock was broken, so the decision was made to remove the window and finish extinguishing the fire. Once the fire was out salvage and overhaul operations were conducted. Any savable contents from the vehicle were turned over to the driver. With no additional hazards present, E1 cleared the scene and returned to quarters.