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Friday, February 3, 2012

Fire Chief's Briefing for January 22 through January 27, 2012

Here is a summary of Brentwood Fire and Rescue’s Emergency responses for the period of January 22 through January 27, 2012.

We responded to 36 emergency calls for service.

These calls can be broken down into the following categories:

Fire: 1

EMS/Rescue: 28

Hazardous Condition: 1

Service Call: 2

Good Intent: 2

False Call: 2

Here is an overview of significant events from this period’s activities:

Monday, January 23 at 7:16 am:

E4 was dispatched on a report of a trampoline entangled in power lines. Upon arrival E4 found the trampoline entangled in telephone and cable lines. It had been blown up there the previous evening by local storm activity. E4’s officer requested dispatch to notify the telephone company before clearing the scene and returning to quarters.

Tuesday, January 24 at approximately 1:31 am:

E2 was dispatched on a report of an unresponsive person. Upon arrival, E2 found 1 PT exhibiting snoring respirations and a pulse, but were not able to rouse the PT. Vital signs were obtained, including blood glucose level, which was extremely low. Family members in the home stated that the PT was diabetic. E2 crew began Advanced Life Support to include oxygen therapy, IV access and intravenous administration of 50% dextrose solution. PT’s blood glucose level improved, but the PT did not immediately regain consciousness. EMS arrived on scene, PT care was transferred, and E2 assisted with packaging the PT and loading them into the ambulance for emergency transport to an area hospital.

Tuesday, January 24 at approximately 9:31 pm:

E1, E3, and C3 were dispatched for possible natural gas leak in a home.  E1 arrived on scene first and utilized their gas monitor to determine if any hazards were present.  A strange odor was noted by fire personnel upon entry into the residence, but the gas monitor did not detect anything. The source of the smell was isolated to the kitchen area but it did not seem to be consistent with the odor of natural gas.  Crew members were able to rule out all potential sources for a natural gas leak, so E3 was released from the scene to return to quarters.  The source of the smell was identified as a vent for the gas stove.  Crew members traced the other end of the vent to an equipment shed that was built under the rear deck of the home, which contained gasoline containers and small equipment.  The gas monitor confirmed that there were explosive gases in this area. It was determined that fumes from the flammable liquids storage were backing up through the stove vent and into the home.  The occupant was advised to allow fire crews immediately ventilate this area, remove gas cans, and have the vent relocated by a contractor to an area of open air.  Once the area was confirmed clear by the gas monitor, all remaining BFR units cleared the scene and returned to quarters.

Thursday, January 26 at approximately 2:32 pm:

E4 and R1 were dispatched emergency traffic to a PIA at the intersection of Concord Rd. and Bluff Rd.  R1 was cancelled en-route and proceeded back to Station 2 non-emergency.  R1 was driving approximately 30 mph when a Ford F-150 ran a stop sign and came into R1's lane of traffic.  R1 attempted to swerve out of the way but with nowhere to go R1's right front bumper made contact with the left front bumper of the Ford F-150.  There was damage to both R1 and to the F-150.  R1 came to a stop in the grass on the other side of the road.  The occupants of R1 were both wearing their seatbelts and were uninjured.  The driver of the F-150 was also uninjured and stated he was restrained at the time of the incident.  R1 was released by BPD and departed to station 1.  The driver of the F-150 drove his vehicle from the scene.    

Friday, January 27 at approximately 12:46 am:

All BFR units were dispatched on a reported Structure Fire. E1 arrived on the scene first, established Incident Command, and reported fire showing from the A/D (right front) side roof at the electrical weather head and from the floor above the garage. Crews from E1 and L1 pulled the cross lay from E1 and made entry to the fire floor. E1’s officer walked around the structure and reported no extension to the main part of the home. L1 and E1 crews made fire attack through the side C (back) door next to the garage. E2 arrived on the scene and pulled a second line to the front door and made entry to the kitchen, which was next to the fire room. The fire was extinguished and no extension was found. E4 and E3 carried out salvage and overhaul.