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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Arbor Day 2013

The City of Brentwood recently hosted an Arbor Day event at the Brentwood Library. Brentwood Fire and Rescue was honored to be invited to join in the festivities. If you weren’t able to attend and enjoy the fantastic spring weather that has finally made it to Middle Tennessee, check out these photos to see what you missed. Click any of the photos to make them larger.

A view from the top: Ladder 1 providing a bird’s eye view of some of the day’s activities.
Hydro, the fire department mascot, making a new friend.
Mayor Webb and Hydro
Members of Brentwood Fire and Rescue handed out helmets to the kids and Information Cards to the adults.
E2, R1 and L1 were available for tours; here Hydro oversees a tour of L1.
See you next year!