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Friday, June 22, 2012

Chief's Briefing for June 14 through June 19, 2012

Here is a summary of Brentwood Fire and Rescue’s emergency responses for the period of June 14 through June 19, 2012.

We responded to 46 emergency calls for service.

These calls can be broken down into the following categories: 

Fire: 2

EMS/Rescue: 31

Hazardous Condition: 1

Service Call: 6

Good Intent: 2

False Call: 4

Here is an overview of significant events from this period’s activities:

Friday, June 15 at approximately 8:41 am: 

E2 was dispatched on a medical call for a report of 1 PT unresponsive. Upon arrival, crew members found the PT lying on the floor pulseless, apneic, and unresponsive. Bystanders were performing CPR and had utilized an onsite AED to defibrillate the PT 3 times prior to E2’s arrival. E2’s paramedic began assessing the PT and ordering treatments, to include continuation of CPR by BFR personnel, ventilation via bag-valve-mask, IV access and cardiac monitoring. E2’s paramedic administered another defibrillation, after which the PT began to exhibit purposeful movements and a return to spontaneous respiration. EMS arrived on scene and PT care was transferred. An intra-osseous IV was established and resuscitation drugs were administered. The PT began to communicate with on scene personnel, and was soon loaded into the waiting ambulance for emergency transport to an area hospital.

Friday, June 15 at approximately 11:15 am: 

E1 and C3 were dispatched on a report of 1 PT with injuries after being struck by a vehicle. Upon arrival crew members found the PT lying on the ground complaining of lower leg pain. A rapid trauma assessment was performed, which revealed obvious deformities to the PT’s leg. The PT was immobilized on a long spine board and the injured extremity was secured in a position of comfort. An IV was established to allow quick administration of pain medication upon arrival of EMS. Once EMS was on scene PT care was transferred and the PT was loaded into the ambulance for non-emergency transport to an area hospital.

Friday, June 15 at approximately 4:38 pm: 

E4 was dispatched on a report of a child who had become stuck in a toy. Upon arrival crew members found 1 child with their arm stuck up to the armpit in a toy. EMS was also dispatched to this call, and assisted BFR with dismantling as much of the toy as possible before using cooking oil to lubricate and remove the child’s arm. The child was checked for injuries but had none, and all fire and EMS personnel cleared the scene.

Saturday, June 16 at approximately 10:20 pm: 

E4 was dispatched on a report of a dumpster fire. Upon arrival crew members found 1 construction dumpster fully involved with fire. E4 connected to a nearby hydrant and utilized their deck gun to extinguish the flames. No cause of the fire was able to be determined. With no other hazards found, E4 cleared the scene and returned to quarters.

Monday, June 18 at approximately 7:50 am: 

E2 was dispatched to a report of an MVA involving a bicycle. Upon arrival crew members found the bicyclist lying on the ground complaining of shoulder and arm pain after striking the side of the vehicle. Cervical spine immobilization was performed, followed immediately by a rapid trauma assessment which revealed obvious deformities in the area of the pain as well as numerous abrasions and contusions. The PT was packaged for transport before care was transferred to EMS for non-emergency transport to an area hospital.

Tuesday, June 19 at approximately 6:17 am: 

E2 and R1 were dispatched to assist a citizen with a dog stuck in a wooden fence.  Both units arrived on scene and spoke with the occupant of the house who stated that it was actually a fawn stuck in the fence at the back of the residence.  The deer was stuck between two vertical balusters in the fence and was in obvious distress.  E2 pulled the deer back through the fence without causing further injury to the animal before carrying it outside of the fenced property and releasing it.  E2 and R1 cleared the scene and returned to quarters.

Tuesday, June 19 at approximately 6:31 pm: 

E4 and R1 were dispatched on a report of a single vehicle MVA with entrapment. E4 arrived on the scene to find a single vehicle off the roadway partially on its side in a ditch.  The vehicle had undergone front and side impact with significant intrusion into the passenger compartment. E4 established Incident command. C3 and C1 (the Fire Chief) self dispatched due to the nature and reported severity of the call. E2 was requested by C3 for additional manpower.  The driver was the only occupant of the vehicle. The PT was unresponsive and critical. Crew members began further assessing the PT and preparing for extrication. R1 arrived on scene and assisted with stabilizing the vehicle. EMS and other BFR units arrived on scene, and the PT was rapidly extricated from the vehicle. Due to the nature and severity of the PT’s injuries LifeFlight was requested and a landing zone was established. BFR personnel, Williamson County EMS and LifeFlight crew members all worked in a coordinated effort to revive the PT, but the patient ultimately succumbed to his injuries.