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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fire Chief's Briefing for July 7 through July 12, 2011

Here is a summary of Brentwood Fire and Rescue’s emergency responses for the period of July 7 through July 12, 2011.

We responded to 59 emergency calls for service.

These calls can be broken down into the following categories:

Fire: 2
EMS/Rescue: 31
Hazardous Condition: 2
Service Call: 5
Good Intent: 5
False Call: 13
Severe Weather: 1

Here are some highlights from this period’s emergency activities:

Thursday, July 7 at approximately 2:31 pm

E3 was dispatched to a report of a dumpster fire. Upon arrival, E3's crew observed light smoke coming from the dumpster. Crew members opened the lid and found a small quantity of oil and a few rags on fire. A pressurized water can was utilized to extinguish all fire. There were no further hazards. E3 went available.

Thursday, July 7 at approximately 2:58 pm

After experiencing abnormally heavy rains, E3 responded to a potential swift water rescue. Upon arrival, E3 found high water in the parking lot of a commercial building on Moores Lane but there were no people trapped or in need of rescue. However, several cars were submerged in the parking lot and water had infiltrated the building to a level of nearly 4 feet.  E3 advised bystanders and workers to evacuate the building and move to higher ground. Middle Tennessee Electric was contacted to cut power to the building which sustained significant water damage.  The neighboring CSX railway also sustained damage when water washed out the supporting railroad bed making the rail line impassable.  CSX was notified and all train traffic was stopped until repairs could be made.  No other hazards were found and E3 went available.  It is believed that as much as 5 inches of rain fell in less than an hour to initiate the flooding event.

Thursday, July 7 at approximately 4:00 pm

E2 was dispatched by C3 to assess flooding in the area of Lipscomb Drive and Lavada Pl.  E2 arrived in the area to find water up to the edge of the roadway. Crew members observed several houses with possible water damage due to flooding, but no life hazards were present. E2 reported its findings and went available.

Friday, July 8 at approximately 10:04 am

E1 was dispatched for a child locked in vehicle.  E1 arrived on scene and found that the child was not in distress.  E1 used their lock out kit to open the vehicle. The child was unharmed.

Friday, July 8 at approximately 2:50 pm

E2 was dispatched to a report of a traumatic work-related injury. Upon arrival E2 found a worker seated on the tailgate of a pickup truck, bleeding severely from a puncture wound in their arm sustained while performing work on a home. E2’s crew applied a trauma dressing and used direct pressure to help control the bleeding, as well as initiating an IV to help boost the PT’s blood pressure. The PT was in critical condition due to loss of blood. PT care was transferred to EMS upon their arrival, and the PT was transported emergency traffic to an area hospital.

Friday, July 8 at approximately 3:32 pm

E3 was dispatched to a report of 1 PT with injuries due to a fall. Upon arrival, E3 found 1 PT exhibiting signs of a head injury. PT care was transferred to EMS upon their arrival, and the PT was transported emergency traffic to an area hospital.

Monday, July 11 at approximately 11:56 am

Engine 4 was dispatched to a report of a child locked in a vehicle. Due to the location, Rescue 1 responded, cancelling E4. R1 crew members used their lockout kit to open the vehicle without damage. The child was unharmed.

Monday, July 11 at approximately 6:20 pm

E3 was dispatched on a check for an elderly PT sitting beside a mailbox.  E3 responded emergency traffic due to the nature of the dispatch information and the current heat index and temperature.  Upon arrival, E3 found the PT mowing their yard with a push mower.  The resident had no complaints, and stated that they were sitting down at the power line pole pulling weeds at the time of dispatch. The PT reported that they had been drinking water all day and that they mow their yard every 10 days. The PT was advised of the dangers of working in the heat, and crew members described the symptoms of heat related illness to the PT and asked that if they began to develop any of these signs or symptoms to please call 911. E3 continued to express their concern for the PT mowing the yard with a push mower given the heat index. The PT was also advised of the dangers of push mowing the steep hillside near the roadway. The PT promptly showed E3 the cleats on the golf shoes being worn for that exact purpose.  E3 returned to service with no further incident.