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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fire Chief's Briefing for May 9 through May 22, 2011

Here is a summary of Brentwood Fire and Rescue's emergency responses for the period of May 9 through May 22, 2011.

We responded to 101 emergency requests for service.

These calls can be broken down into the following categories:

Fires: 2

EMS/Rescue: 60

Service Calls: 8

Good Intent Calls: 17

False Calls: 13

Hazardous Condition:1

Here are some highlights from this period’s emergency activities:

Friday May 13th, at approximately 1:07pm
Engine 3 arrived on scene of a possible structure fire to find light smoke coming from the open front door of the structure with 2 occupants standing outside. Command was established and determined that a dryer inside the residence had caught fire.  Fire attack was immediately initiated and entry was made.  Upon entry, a dryer was noted to be fully involved with fire and the fire was also climbing the walls.  Water was immediately applied to base of fire and knockdown was made.  Ventilation of structure was performed due to large amount of smoke throughout house. Salvage (removal of water and burned clothing) and overhaul was conducted in conjunction with ventilation. Fire Marshal was dispatched to scene and conducted origin and cause investigation.  Occupants advised to seek overnight accommodations due to heavy smoke odor in structure.  All units went available and command was terminated.

Wednesday May 17th, at approximately 7:58pm
Engine 1 was dispatched to a residence for a patient with altered level of consciousness.  Upon arrival, Engine 1 found patient appearing to have accidentally overdosed on pain medication.  Engine 1 established and IV and administered 0.8mg of Naloxone to reverse narcotic effects.  After administration, patient’s condition immediately improved and appeared calm and relaxed.  Pt transported to hospital for further evaluation.

Thursday May 18, at approximately 8pm
Engine 3 was dispatched to a patient convulsing and vomiting on floor of bathroom.  Immediately upon arrival cervical spinal immobilization was controlled and a full assessment was performed.  Large Hematoma was found and bleeding was controlled.  Upon arrival of EMS, patient care was transferred, cardiac monitoring was initiated and IV was established.  Pt was transported to hospital for further evaluation. 

Friday May 19th at approximately 12:16pm
E1 was dispatched to a report of a child choking and turning blue in a car.  Upon arrival, E1 evaluated child and found no defecits.  Pulses strong, pupils equal and reactive.  Child appears to be responsive and alert.  EMS on scene after speaking to parent, decided against transport to the hospital. 

Friday May 19, at approximately 4:18pm
Engine 2 was dispatched to a report of a dog bite.  Upon arrival, 1 patient was found with evidence of bleeding onto face, clothes, and floor.  Numerous evulsions, lacerations, and punctures were present on patient’s head.  Dog was secured and vital signs were obtained.  Patient was transferred to EMS care and transported to hospital for further evaluation.

Saturday May 20, at approximately 11:41am
E1 was dispatched for a reported seizure in progress.  Upon arrival, 1 patient was found in post seizure state.  No trauma was found with total body check.  Patient had no complaints of pain and was transported to hospital for further evaluation.  Engine 1 assisted with loading and packaging patient onto cot and into ambulance.  With no further assistance needed, Engine 1 returned to quarters.   

Saturday May 20,  at approximately 9:37pm
Engine 1 responded non-emergency to stand-by per Brentwood PD for a possible medical call for one individual involved in a motorcycle accident now on foot with police in pursuit.  Upon arrival, Engine 1 and EMS staged awaiting a request from BPD for medical treatment.  BPD requested Engine 1 to respond to the scene to assist in search operations.  E1 arrived and used a Thermal imaging camera and Night Scan Tower light to assist PD in locating the individual.  FD personnel searched the surrounding woods and railroad track, but did not locate the patient.  Car 3 arrived on scene and assisted BPD command with coordination of the search efforts.  After searching the immediate area around the accident and areas adjacent to the scene PD stopped the search.  EMS was released from the scene and all FD units were placed available.